Yuva Parivartan | KSWA

It was certainly a auspicious event for me to get valuable information & knowledge from you all experienced mentors. I have tried to share Kherwadi's work with you & also appealed if we can work together, wherever possible. As I have noted details of very few NGOs/Entities, I would request you to send your details again & also the details on the areas where we can join our hands. For more details on Kherwadi, please go through the website mentioned in my signature below. I will be really grateful to you, if you watch the video on kherwadi also, on the link mentioned below my signature.

Bhuwad Santosh | Assistant Manager - Placements

Yuva Parivartan | KSWA
Kherwadi | Bandra E | Mumbai 400 051

+91 22 26475359 | +91 8879000660

Thank you for a very educative couple of days at Pune. The visit to Pabal helped to take classroom to field. I shall be looking forward to receiving the proceedings of the STARS Forum conference and of participating actively in the activities of the Steering Committee. Best wishes to all at Vigyan Ashram.

David D'Souza

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