Our mission & goals

Our Motto is to bring all like minded NGO's on one platform to share ideas, experiences and concerns and explore the possibilities to evolve a supportive network within and across state boundaries, for the larger common purpose of imparting vocational and marketable skills training to those who need it most.

Our mission

Our Mission is to serve as a collaborative body for mutual support of those engaged in vocational skills training, facilitate advance in this field and promote innovative approaches to reach larger needy populations

Our goals

  • Serve as a resource for mutual benefit of individuals and NGOs working in the field of vocational knowledge transfer.
  • Provide a platform for dialogue, share ideas, outcomes and best practices.
  • Facilitate networking.
  • Promote connectivity to relevant information.
  • Encourage younger workers.
  • Advocacy with curriculum, minimum standards, certification and accreditation of training programs with the Government as necessary.

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