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The next annual conference of STARs Forum is scheduled on 5th and 6th of Dec 2015 at Pune. Conference discussion will be organized around the topic of “CHANGE - Changing Society, Changing Technology, Changing Approach, Changing Rural area, Changing Skills “ (Enhancing Rural Skills & Enterprise Development) and will consist of presentations of innovative approaches as well as breakout sessions to facilitate exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences and dialogue.


To help the participating organizations to appreciate change and empower them to get the best support from the eco-system

How to achieve the objective?

  • Thought Provocation : Change
  • What the government and the Eco system can offer?
  • Digital opportunities in livelihood due to digital India.
  • New generation social organizations / enterprises.
  • Case studies of organizations.
  • Promote networking.
  • Advice from government officials and experts on specific issue / challenge.

We have the following sessions with eminent speakers joining us for a discussion.

  • Building Vision for Bharat Livelihood
  • Building perspective from Stakeholders
  • What government is doing to bring change?
  • Eco System Partners - New Engagement Models
  • New Generation Social Enterprises - Driving Change
  • Digital India and Livelihood
  • STARS Forum - Issues that matters

Each session consists of :

  • Thoughts by keynote speaker
  • Presentation from expert
  • Panel discussion

We invite you to participate in the conference. Please mark your calendars. More detailed programme will be sent to you at an early date. The registration fee for the conference per person is Rs. 500/- and includes admission to all sessions of the conference as well as breakfast, lunch and tea breaks on both days and proceedings of the Conference.

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