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STARS Forum’s activities are designed to ensure that maximum benefit and services are provided to affiliate members and to individuals from disadvantaged communities, at the lowest possible cost.

We believe that knowledge should be freely available, but services should be paid for.  Hence our workshop participants pay a very small fee to attend.   Your donations help us meet shortfalls in such expenses.

If you would like to sponsor STAR Forum workshops, conferences, seminars, fellowships etc. please write to us at starsforumindia@gmail.com. We would be thankful for your sponsorship and will be happy to help co-brand these events with you.

The STARS Forum corpus fund helps us meet our operational expenses, salaries etc.  The bigger the corpus, the more we can do and build a more effective Forum.  Hence we invite your donations and contributions to the STARS Forum corpus fund.

We have applied for the necessary IT certifications to make your donations tax exempt.

If you are a foreign national or a foreign entity, your donations will be processed under the FCRA. We will also be applying for an FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) registration at an appropriate time.

For donations, please contact us at starsforumindia@gmail.com.

Our bank account details for sending in your donations:
Bank & Branch: ICICI Bank, MIT Branch, Paud Road, Pune, India
Account number: 649305050737
Type of account: Current Account
IFSC Code: ICIC0006493.
PAN Number: AAPTS6149F